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Project: Oden E.Y.E.

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Project: Oden E.Y.E. Empty Project: Oden E.Y.E.

Post  Oden Thu Jul 19, 2012 11:50 am

Project: Oden E.Y.E.


Table of Contents :

  1. Overview
    - Who
    - What
    - When
    - Where
    - Why
    - How
  2. About
    - Random Rant/Banter


1. Overview

Who :
  • Gene (Oden) - founder/creator
  • Sean (Anachro) - Ideas
  • Kyle (Cleaver) - Ideas
  • Chris (k30) - Ideas

What :
  • Oden EYE is still under private development, therefore details will not be disclosed

When :
  • 07.xx.2012 - Idea formulation
  • 07.xx.2012 - Idea confirmation
  • 07.19.2012 - Testor/Funder Calling
  • xx.xx.2012 - Undisclosed Field Test
  • 10.xx.2012 - Fulda Gap Field Test
  • 01.xx.2013 - By then, Testers are able to use additional features (rather than just voice comm)

Where :
  • Building/Small Scale Testing - Oden's apartment
  • Field Testing - VTAC field

Why :
    Oden's in need of bad ass resume entries...and his mind is bored

How :
  • Base Component : Undisclosed ($10~$30,$20~$40, for testers and development respectively)
  • Additional Components :
    - Undisclosed Communication Components ($20~$40,$80...depends on range preferred)
    - Microphone($2~$10, depends on type, and components needed)
    - Audio Out ($1~$5, not sure if components are needed added a few in case)
  • Budget :
    - Allocated : $50 USD
    - Spent : $0 USD
    - Balance : $50 USD


2. About

This thread regards to my upcoming psuedo-secret project: Electronic YEoman (name tentative)
If i ever start releasing information this first post will become more detailed and pretty...till then it'll be bland, because no. (after I typed everything below, i decided to make it pretty....)

A few details I will release is that it is a personal device, that will include communication abilities (which would include voice). You may wonder why I'm posting this if it's supposed to be secret, it is because I need testers/helpers. The cost per unit (barebones, no casing, and only up to voice communication) will likely be 50 USD per tester's unit...which is alot for me as as I don't get much spare money per month, and my initial start up cost is projected to be around 80 USD due to needing a more robust and beginner friendly main component (also 4x bigger...ew) and also programming equipment for a tester's unit (they don't come with programming interface, therefore much smaller, lighter, and cheaper).

I'd appreciate any help you can give, whether its testing or just funding. If you want to test it, or just talk about it and shoot the shit with me to help brainstorm, let me know. Testers will be required to buy their own components (I'll do the building and such), and if you jump on board before I get my components we can share an order. Anyone planning on funding will have to talk to me in person about it, as I can't accept paypal (will likely be either cash or part orders). If anyone is either, I will fully disclose plans for the project to them so they know exactly what they're getting into (nothing illegal, I just feel like you should know full details on what you spend your time and money on). Also will be listed on the final project outcome (whatever it, website, etc.), which means if you're a tester you can cite this on your resume/CV (pretty sure regardless of your field due to the inter-disciplinary nature).

Random Rant/Banter :

...side note, I just realized I use parenthesis too much...lul
also, this board doesn't support [aname], [jumpto], and colored
tags...making it harder to navigate my wall of text Evil or Very Mad

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Project: Oden E.Y.E. Empty Re: Project: Oden E.Y.E.

Post  Papa Bear Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:09 pm

Ill fund and test you know how to reach me
Papa Bear
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