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Oden's Skills Lab Empty Oden's Skills Lab

Post  Oden Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:45 pm

I will be hosting basic skill labs prior to initial briefings to anyone who wants to join. These are meant to be more comprehensive classes than the tactics training. These are not meant to be some kind of hipster class where you learn a certain train of thought found on YouTube. These are meant to grind basic methodology and theory into you and help you practice it.

To participate simply get to the staging area ready to go so that you don't need to load prior to the initial briefing (this may mean not waiting for the truck). It is recommended to have a semi-auto capable weapon to use during these labs. Labs will begin as soon as I get to the top of the hill regardless if people that wish to participate are ready or existent (I honestly need practice too). If I've already started feel free to jump in. There will be a fixed schedule of what will be taught when (4 different sessions given in order for the first 4 weeks of the month).

More Advanced topics will be offered during leisure time (if we finish early or during break times) or during the 5th weekend of the month. Certain topics (ie. stealth, battlefield awareness, theories and thought processes, etc.) will not be covered/listed due to the amount of time it takes to explain them. These topics however are open to question during leisure time, but have minimal chance of being covered during spare weekends.

Here are the lesson plans (subject to modifications)

1 Individual Movement Skills
   1.1 Still (5 minutes)
      1.1.1 Stand on Patrol
      1.1.2 Stand at the Ready, the Isoceles Stance
      1.1.3 Crouch on Patrol
      1.1.4 Crouch at the Ready
      1.1.5 Sitting on Patrol
      1.1.6 Sitting at the Ready
      1.1.7 Prone on Patrol
      1.1.8 Prone at the Ready
   1.2 Walking (10 minutes)
      1.2.1 Walk on Patrol
      1.2.2 Walk at the Ready
      1.2.3 Strafe at the Ready (left)
      1.2.4 Strafe at the Ready (right)
      1.2.5 Backpedal at the Ready
      1.2.6 Crouched Walk at the Ready
   1.3 Running (5 minutes)
      1.3.1 Running on Patrol
      1.3.2 Running at the Ready
      1.3.3 Crouched Running at the Ready
   1.4 Crawling (10 minutes)
      1.4.1 The Spiderman Crawl
      1.4.2 The Low Crawl
      1.4.3 The Crab Crawl
   1.5 Advanced Topics*
      1.5.1 Falling / Tripping Hazards
      1.5.2 Diving
      1.5.3 Vaulting
      1.5.4 Rolling
      1.5.5 Sliding

2 Individual Shooter Skills (Primary only)
   2.1 Standing (10~15 minutes)
      2.1.1 The Basic Shooting Stance
      2.1.2 Switching Shoulders
      2.1.3 Shooting at Still
      2.1.4 Shooting on the Move
   2.2 Crouching (10~15 minutes)
      2.2.1 Shooting at Still
      2.2.2 Shooting on the Move
   2.3 Prone/Sitting (5 minutes)
      2.3.1 Shooting at Still (Prone)
      2.3.2 Shooting at Still (Sitting)
   2.4 Advanced Topics*
      2.4.1 Utilizing Sidearms
      2.4.2 Reloading
      2.4.3 Utilizing Cover

3 Squad Formation Skills
   3.1 Patrol (5 minutes)
      3.1.1 in File
      3.1.2 in Wedge
      3.1.3 in Line
      3.1.4 on Hold
   3.2 Rally (5 minutes)
      3.2.1 360 Perimeter
      3.2.2 Wagonwheel
   3.3 Hand Signals (15 minutes)
      3.3.1 Formations in File in Wedge in Line
      3.3.2 Commands Who Cover Move in Direction Rally Hold Look
      3.3.3 Contact Audio
   Movement Visual
   Good Guy
   Bad Guy
   3.4 Radio (5 minutes)
      3.4.1 Voice Comm, [To] [From] [Transmission] [State] Comm Check Copy Repeat your last Sitrep
   On the Move
   Standing By
   Engaging Enemy Affirmative Negative Roger / Wilco Over / Out
      3.4.2 Squelch Codes No Yes Repeat
   3.5 Advanced Topics*
      3.5 Lingo

4 Squad Movement Skills
   4.1 On Contact, move to Line (5 minutes)
      4.1.1 from File
      4.2.1 from Wedge
   4.2 Bounding Forwards (10~15 minutes)
   4.3 Peeling out (10~15 minutes)
   4.4 Advanced Topics*
      4.4.1 Enfilade/Defilade
      4.4.2 Awareness exercise
      4.4.3 L - formation tactics
      4.4.4 Reverse Ambushing
      4.4.5 Upon Ambush / Assaulting through

If anyone has any questions/suggestions please feel free to post on this thread.

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