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MK48 Empty MK48

Post  HKFanboy Tue May 12, 2015 7:02 pm

So this has been a long time coming. I started with what was a standard CA M249 and ended up with this.

MK48 QGq72mq

Cosmetically I replaced almost everything with real mk48 parts( the only airsoft parts are the stock, main body, and flashider/barrel)
I also had to mill the feed tray to accept 7.62x51 rounds. I then had Rudy from Bingo airsoft take my real mk48 mag and run mag internals into a custom 3d printed housing so my legit mag could feed over 7000 bbs.

For the internals I reached out to Tony at TNKguns who so nicely agreed to do a daytona gun install on the mk48. He even included a free hat! He also did the TDC mod and rhop with a PDI 6.05 stainless steel barrel to top it off.

Here's a video of Tony testing my MK48


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MK48 Empty Re: MK48

Post  HKFanboy Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:33 pm

Mk48 is finally done, had a new feed tray, barrel, gas block, and flash hider machined. Also added a titanium bipod

MK48 DdkZVpP


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