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Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18

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Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Empty Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18

Post  Oden Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:20 pm

All pictures are clickable.  If they don't link, you need to be a member of the forum.

Buyer assumes full responsibility for purchase and agrees to pay prior receipt.  All prices negotiable with reason.  My feet and bedroom carpet, though pictured are not for sale, however...nvm.  Trades, favors, etc. can/may be accepted.  Paypal is preferred, Cash however will be accepted.

I would prefer not to ship.  If shipping is needed, I will ship at the price of the box, padding to put items in (you decide how much padding), tracking, and other conveniences at buyer's cost.  Once tracking is given, it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure the package arrives.

AK + support parts $75, battery connectors can be converted free of charge.  Trigger sometmes get stuck
Galaxy MP5k + support parts, 2 hi cap mags $100, includes the majority of the parts required to make another
Echo1 MP5A5, 3 hi cap mags $150, includes lighted foregrip

Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Th_IMG_20120827_105803
CA V2 Reinforced Gearbox $30 (there is some JB Weld from putting sensors, and scratches from removing them)
Real Steel M16A1 triangular hand gaurd w/ heat sheild $30 (dremeled to fit CA M15 barrel assembly, gaffers tape can be removed)
Random 4in? M4 Barrel $30

Detail Pictures: (clicky clicky)
Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Th_IMG_20120827_105900Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Th_IMG_20120827_105820Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Th_IMG_20120827_105852

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Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18 Empty Re: Oden's Bedroom Sale 9/18

Post  Oden Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:25 am

updated to include AK, MP5k, MP5A5. Pics to come later

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