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Royal Flush

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Royal Flush Empty Royal Flush

Post  Cleaver Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:45 pm

Conditions: Best played with 3 or 4 teams. Requires a pack of playing cards.


Each team is assigned a suit. Royal Flushes of each suit in play are pulled from a playing card deck. These cards are then shuffled together and distributed as evenly as possibly among the teams. I would advise creating a condition where a team can't start with their own suit, or at least try to negate is as much as possible. I would suggest teams return all cards of their own suit to a central pile; these cards are shuffled again and redistributed as necessary. After this secondary shuffle, any team with cards of their own suit should consider themselves lucky.

A player on a given team can carry as little or as few cards as they wish. Players may swap cards among each other at any time.

Teams start at points distant from each other on the battlefield. Players then begin a deathmatch-style game. Upon being hit, the eliminated player must sit where they were shot and hold ALL cards in their possession above their head. Only players from opponent teams may secure these cards. However, the downed player may be revived with Medic Rules to prevent the loss of the those cards.

Players respawn 60 seconds after an opponent player takes their cards. If the zone is still contested, the revived player is allowed a very short grace period where they may run AWAY from the opponent, without shooting, to find cover (similar to how we typically treat Medic Rules). A player may choose to wait as long as they wish to respawn after the 60 second mark (to coordinate respawn with nearby teammates).

Win condition is when a team gets a Royal Flush with their team's suit.


Other possible conditions and rules...

While players may distribute cards among their team however they want, players must have at least 1 card to present. If a player cannot present a card then they are eliminated permanently from the game. It's kind of like Sonic: You're alive for as long as you have rings.

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Royal Flush Empty Re: Royal Flush

Post  Church Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:49 pm

Intense!...I like!

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