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OP Sanctuary CDWC (Taylorsville, NC) July 29th

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Post  Oden Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:11 pm

fk yea, you guys were bad ass all weekend haha, didn't take you long to get used to the night too.

Yea I got to click the button on that, the set up was really confusing though. I remember trying to open up the case in the dark with flashlights and and glowstick...too much stress for one sortie (on top of trying to get there with only an individual escort who's radio wasn't the most quiet i've ever heard)

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OP Sanctuary CDWC (Taylorsville, NC) July 29th - Page 3 Empty Re: OP Sanctuary CDWC (Taylorsville, NC) July 29th

Post  Prophet Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:55 am

What follows is Matthews of SWC and his AAR of OP Sanctuary. I want us to continue this kind of reputation to the good teams out there. We have had a good start. Lets really gear up for OP Beached Whale so that we really can get our name up there.

(JSOC (Night Operations)) AAR:

The Night portion of the game was the most fun part of this event for me. It just brings a totally different element to the tactics and strategy by making engagements close and without warning. Full Auto wasn't a problem for me... It rarely is.

First FRAGO: "Raid on Bomb Factory" (Holiday)

As the only member of JSOC present for the night portion I had to re-task some 82nd Airborne for a few successful early morning raids. I was given my first assignment by admin to locate, defuse, and mobilize a "Football." The IED or Suitcase Nuke... can't remember which one it was... was in suspect AO grids, I7-I8. Not knowing whether this bomb factory was occupied by enemy or not, I decided to take the quickest route in through OP Alpha and straight down into Ambush Alley via the trail between 6 and 1. This would allow us to avoid the woods in the dark.

82nd Airborne provided excellent comms with ManVox on the radio as 82nd RTO. JSOC was to link up with 82nd Raid Team who was operating south of our position at Duckett. My JSOC team was comprised of 5 VTAC members who did an outstanding job during the entire night operation. We took contact twice from unknown enemy numbers in the dark and twice we killed ALL enemy and captured 2-3 prisoners. During this time we were on the perimeter of our objective with the 82nd Raid Team to our flank in the woods moving from south to north. After clearing the structures and securing the alleged bomb factory, half of 82nd Raid Team was re-tasked to escort prisoners back to US FOB while we called in our grid position and requested EOD to disarm and stabilize our football.
With EOD en-route, we could hear other contact not far from our position but every single member of JSOC and 82nd Raid Team Protected the objective and stayed on mission. After the IED was prepped for extraction we mobilized it (2-suitcases/2-charges) back to the US FOB.

The mission was executed flawlessly with no casualties and all objectives accomplished.
Cretit to 82nd Raid Team and VTAC (JSOC stand-ins)... and especially 82nd RTO, comms were flawless.

Second FRAGO: "HVT Personnel Recovery" (Hamburger)

Our second mission was to recon a set of grid locations for friendly high-valued personnel near the Pakistani border (Hamburger). The same JSOC team comprised of VTAC and escorted by a small 82nd contingent, inserted between Alpha and OP Alpha. We immediately took contact on the south side of Alpha from what we guessed was 3-4 enemy/indigenous insurgency and lost a good 1/2 of our force. Since we weren't far from our FOB, reinforcements came in no time to heal our wounded and try and capture any wounded enemy. All enemy KIA.

JSOC then re-grouped, just myself and 3 VTAC now, and proceeded southwest to the objective. I say southwest because we circled around behind Duckett and entered Pakistan to avoid any enemy patrols. Moving east through the creek and up the hill, we swept through the Pakistani border checkpoint and quietlty cleared any structures while keeping our eyes out for a friendly NSW Sniper Team known to be operating in the area. With no enemy contact and all structures cleared, we located and exfilled our 2 Refugees/Hostages/HVT's, one mobile, one immobile. Trying to take "the long way back" farthest to the east, I made a bad call and we ended up on a 25 minute extended nature walk until we got our bearings and headed straight north to the FOB.

Once again, JSOC did great accomplishing all objectives given and sustaining minimal casualties.
VTAC and myself earned a little R&R and JSOC did not take any further tasking until morning.

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