Looking forward to shooting some plastic!

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Looking forward to shooting some plastic!

Post  GregPeaches on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:29 am

Hello everyone! My name is Gregory, nickname Peaches (few still refer to me as that).  I have been into airsoft since the fourth grade, but I started playing in about 6th grade.  I started off with many replicas bought from dicks sporting goods, but those are all gone now.  I will list my current load out at the end of this.  
For many years now I have been playing CQB, and I would say I do like CQB a lot.  The only outdoors I have played was at a field that could still be considered CQB.  But as of lately I have only played at Tactical Airsoft Arena in Rockville Maryland (great place to play).  So really all tactics I use are meant for CQB, though I do prefer to be at mid-close range.  I have wanted to go to Ballahack for a few years now, but never found the time.  

Load out:
- Polarstar Fusion Engine
- Some replica holo sight
- Magpul PTS angles foregrip
- Elite Force mid caps (have one currently, purchasing 5 more)
UHC(?) Spring Magnum style revolver
- 8 inch barrel varient (for the lols)
Hakkotsu Iron Face (Black)
Hakkotsu goggle thins (full name on evike) (black)
Avengers Tactical SPEC OPS MOLLE plate carrier
Phantom dump pouch

What I plan to buy:
Revision desert locust goggles (tan/black)
Matrix mesh iron face (tan/black)
Emerson FAST helmet (Digital desert)
Some combat shirt+pants (probably lbx) (digital desert)
Polarstar lipo
Dye i4 (for CQB)
Larger HPA tank (mine is tiny)
Hydration carrier (for the tank)


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Re: Looking forward to shooting some plastic!

Post  Seenie on Wed Sep 09, 2015 12:12 pm

Awesome, we need to find ya a scuba store nearby to fill up your tank Wink

Can't wait to see ya out in the field.

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