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2018-2019 Staff Elections Megathread

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2018-2019 Staff Elections Megathread Empty 2018-2019 Staff Elections Megathread

Post  Lucifer Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:44 am

We haven't been all that good about doing elections these past couple of years, and with several of our current officers graduating we desperately need to have some new people step up and join the club leadership team. All positions will be open for elections, as described below and detailed at in this post:

Commanding Officer (CO), The President
The CO essentially presides over the Staff. The ultimate Go / No Go is left up to the CO. Decisions on how to perform an operation is left up to the Staff, while the CO may give suggestions. The CO is responsible for authenticating and approving operations, as well as setting deadlines for them. Our current CO is Minzhen Du.

Executive Officer (XO), The Vice President
The XO is responsible for the Staff's proper execution. It is the XO's responsibility to ensure collaboration, communication, and execution among staff members. If the staff cannot divide tasks among themselves, or otherwise devoid of participating in assigned tasks, it is the XO's responsibility to ensure that Office performs its duties. Our current XO is Timothy Lewis.

The Office of the S-1, The Personnel Officer, The Secretary
The S-1 is responsible for the accountability of each member during operations. It is this Office's responsibility to also ensure proper documentation and records of attending members. Our current S-1 is Eric Lucy (me).

The Office of the S-4, The Supply Officer, The Treasurer
The S-4 is responsible for setting up, organizing, and executing Club orders. These include bulk part orders, BB orders, as well as any funds involved with the Club. This Office is also responsible for procuring any necessary supplies for operations as well such as food and consumables. Personal and other group orders that are otherwise not officially sanctioned by the Club will not be the responsibility of this Office. Members and groups who wish to submit orders on their own are welcome to do so, but will not have the support of the Staff. Our current S-4 is Charlie Backlund.

The Office of the S-5, The Public Relations Officer
The S-5 is responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the Club's public image. These include the ACVT Forums, ACVT Facebook page, and associated websites. This Office is also responsible for finding, setting up, organizing, and executing PR events, in collaboration with the S-3 and S-4. Our current S-5 is Ryan Burton.

These are the traditional officer positions for the club and their descriptions. If you think you could help out the club in one of those positions, by all means put in your application for consideration. We do not yet have a set date for when elections will occur, but one will be announced in the future.

Comment below with your name and desired position if you want to be an officer for next year. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us for information.

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