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Gun won't shoot straight

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Gun won't shoot straight Empty Gun won't shoot straight

Post  582953 Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:03 pm

I got a new gun.

When it arrived, I changed the plastic bushings, spring guard to metal ones and put a new M110 spring and som new grease inside of the gear box.
When I test fired, the gun shoots left. The plastic BB shoots out and then turns left sharply.

I uses 0.2g BB. Is this because FPS of the gun increase? Since I have not checked if the gun shoots straight or not before I modified, I do not know if this is a matter of gear box or not. I shot with hop-up turned off. But still, it shoots a bit left.

Do you think this is because I am using 0.2 g? Should I use 0.25g?
Since I have no chrono, I do not know my new FPS (I am going to figure out if someone bring one to the game)

What are the things that affect the BB?

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Gun won't shoot straight Empty Re: Gun won't shoot straight

Post  Thomas Doe Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:21 pm

Most likely is that the Hop up (or anything sticks out in the barrel) is making the BB spinning the wrong way, check the barrel to see if there's anything sticking out inside on either left or right instead of up.

Gun won't shoot straight Fullsi12

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