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Closet Cleanout: All Prices OBO

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Closet Cleanout: All Prices OBO Empty Closet Cleanout: All Prices OBO

Post  EthicalSneak Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:16 pm


Own a piece of Virginia History with the first ACR in the Commonwealth!

As much as I wish I could keep it, I need to find a good home for this beautiful blaster. Shoots great, never had any issues with it.

It's got a G&G Green Bucking, new/used only a couple of times JG Blue motor. Gearbox has been reworked a few times and has very little left stock, though I don't know all the details.

I'll let it got for $250 with 7 midcaps.

I have also have a stock JG AUG for sale. It has a sling, flip-up sights, and some external modifications from the previous owner. Will come with battery, sling, and six high-capacity magazines.

The included pictures show the holes cut in the side to allow the external battery pack to be attached. It allows use of a much larger battery. The included battery is 4500 mAh 9.6v and will come in a OD Battery bag.

Price: $140 for gun, magazines, battery, sling. Will include Woodlands chest rig if purchased at asking price.

CYMA AK-74: Real wood furniture, foregrip is a modified real AK set. In great condition, only issue is a little bit of wobble in the grip. Will include 2 high caps, 2 mid caps, battery, and one broken high cap.


Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG: Shoots good, semi auto is finicky but probably fixable. Ambidextrous mag release isn't so ambidextrous any more (See picture). Includes 4 mid caps, battery, and charger. $150.

Franken G36. One high cap. Last I knew it was shooting, in spite of almost everything being damaged. Built from the semi-functional remains of old guns. Free with any gun purchased at asking price, or $20 alone. Includes one high cap.

Helmet: $15

Old marine knee pads: $8. Elastic is wearing out on top strap.

Random Alice gear: $30 for the belt, sling, and pouches.

Woodlands chest rig: $30. Works with M4 and AUG magazines, not so much with AK.

Random black holster: Free with any purchase.

Leather 1911 holster: $10

Kit-built RC Car: Built years and years ago, may need a controller but I believe it works. Make me an offer. (Cat not included)

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