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Post  HighlanderAirsoft Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:31 pm

Hey Tech, just an update. We had a good amount of interest, over 20 signatures. Some experienced players, some ROTC, some new kids. Good turnout. The paperwork is submitted and we will be an official club soon. I'm planning on having our first official meeting/ new player day on Oct. 19th. I'll keep y'all informed but hopefully we can get some big games set up soon.

Also, just a secondary thought; are we allowed to build fortifications up in the woods? Not anytime soon, but I would like to spend a day up there with a truck-load of materials and build some bunkers and cover.

-Highlander Airsoft


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Post  Seenie Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:26 pm

Hey Andrew,

We currently contact the park rangers every week before we have our games. As per their rules we are not allowed to build any sort of permanent structures in the forest. We used to have a little wooden fort that was built out of random tree branches but it didn't last long and it's pretty much gone now since the last controlled burn they did. I'd highly recommend getting in contact with them if you plan on doing any games that are not affiliated with ours. Shoot me a pm if you have anymore questions.

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