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Post  HolySylent Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:50 pm

This is based on a game play type I used to do in Arma. The idea is for one team to destroy a cache of weapons. The other team defends it.

BLUFOR OBJECTIVES: BLUFOR begins with the cache location unknown. They must search within the limits of the field for the weapons cache. When they find it, they must plant a sachel charge on the box (a small bag or pack filled with anything weighty will do) on the cache, and defend for the charge for 30 seconds, at which point the charge explodes, destroying the cache and killing anybody within three to five meters of the cache. BLUFOR must then successfully return to base for the mission to be complete.  OPFOR players will drop "hints" revealing the location of the cache.

OPFOR OBJECTIVES: OPFOR begins knowing the cache location. They may place the cache anywhere they wish under reasonable conditions (i.e. digging a hole in the ground and burying the cache would be a definite no-go). One stipulation is that the cache must be a minimum of 200-300 meters from the OPFOR or BLUFOR base. They must prevent BLUFOR from locating the cache and planting a charge. Should BLUFOR plant a charge, they must rush to defuse the charge (maintain hand contact with the charge without moving it for about five seconds). If the charge detonates, OPFOR can then eliminate the remaining BLUFOR to win the match. OPFOR players will drop "hints" revealing the location of the cache.

TEAM COMPOSITION: Teams are split into two sides, BLUFOR and OPFOR. OPFOR has a great numerical advantage, ideally 4 times larger than BLUFOR. 1/4 of OPFOR players carry a "hint" card they must drop upon death. As in, they just drop the card on the ground. (An index card with a riddle, or a portion of a map of the area that can be pieced together with other cards, or any type of hint) One BLUFOR player carries a satchel charge to destroy the cache. If they die, another teammate must pick it up.

OPFOR GEAR: OPFOR is limited to mostly spring weapons or handguns. Few players have AEGS, ideally less than 1/4. These players do not have to be the ones carrying hint cards. OPFOR may also make use of a limited number of IED traps (one per player per match, usually). What composes these IEDs must be agreed upon between teams befor beginning (i.e. tripwires, canteens, sleeping kittens ect.) OPFOR is limited to two total radios, and may not use scopes, red-dot, lasers, thermal goggles, maps, or GPS devices. One player may use a scoped semi-automatic or bolt action rifle. This player will not count toward the 1/4 AEG limit.

BLUFOR GEAR: BLUFOR may use whatever weapons they desire up to and including machine guns, grenade launchers, snipers, and any other equipment a player might utilize for the match. One player must be carrying a satchel charge. They may also use any gear they so desire, including radios, thermal goggles, maps/GPS, scopes, red-dot, lasers, ect. if they possess these items. They can also carry as many weapons and ammunition as they can physically move with, though two M60's coupled with a shotgun slung over your back and four handguns strapped to your chest and legs may not be the best idea.


  • OPFOR has unlimited respawns.
  • OPFOR players cannot be revived, and must return to base immediately after being hit.
  • OPFOR players may rekit, rearm and immediately move back into the field.


  • BLUFOR has 10-15 shared spawns per player. (i.e. Jim and Tom share twenty spawns. If Jim is hit 12 times, they both share 8 spawns to still use) If these spawns run out, the match is over with a BLUFOR loss.
  • BLUFOR players must count to ten loudly and stand in place with weapon above the head before dying and returning to base.
  • If a medic reaches a wounded player in time, the player stops counting.
  • The medic will wrap any non-clear non-camo cloth or tape around the player's arm/head to detote wounded and revived status.
  • If a wounded player is hit again, they do not wount to ten, and immediately die.
  • If a medic is shot while reviving a player, the medic is then wounded, and the wounded player continues to count from where they left off.
  • If no medics are around, players will still count unless they have already been revived and are being downed a second time.
  • If a medic is killed, no players will replace the medic. BLUFOR is simply without a medic until they are back in-field.
  • Medics may not self-revive.
  • Players may only leave base with a fireteam. (Minimum 2 if BLUFOR has 5 or less players, minimum 3 if BLUFOR has 6 or 7 players, minimum 4 if BLUFOR has 8 or more players)
  • BLUFOR players cannot leave base alone, however they may immediately split up outside base if need be (i.e. a sniper going solo).

So yeah, that's my idea.

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