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juggling M1s/M14s...

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juggling M1s/M14s... Empty juggling M1s/M14s...

Post  ElGato Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:25 am

Been a super long time since posting on this forum. I miss you all *single tear shed*

So, many of you may remember my custom M1 Garand build last time I can to Blacksburg (if not, I brought a REMF kit M1 Garand made from M14 externals and with the inner guts of my favorite M14). However, if you remember me bringing out my garand, you'll remember the hop-up being so completely jacked up and the bbs curving right ala Wanted style. My original plan was to shift gearbox, hop up and barrels between the M1 and my M14, but I've since come to the conclusion that moving the hop up regularly isn't advisable, particularly since the nearest place I've found to test fire/sight in my guns is Ballahack.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to snag an M14 carcass off Ebay for $35. I just received it today and was delighted to find that it's only problem was it needed a new fuse. I came to realize that I have a completely stock gearbox and I haven't gotten to do a gearbox build in a long ass time. My old gearbox has a pretty nice set of upgrades in it, along with a M120 spring and a high torque motor. It regularly shoots about 410 fps with .28s. I plan on putting that into the M1 body. That high fps was always a limiting factor with my M14, giving it some degree of MED or limiting it to semi-only. It would be nice to stay under 400 fps this go around. I'm looking for any ideas or inspiration on what to build.

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juggling M1s/M14s... Empty Re: juggling M1s/M14s...

Post  Frothy Sat Oct 05, 2013 12:58 am

Scout rifle build with 16" barrel, scout mount and RDS
Classic EBR build with a Sage chassis and low powered short dot optic and 18" barrel
--Alternatively, you could pick up a Troy, Vltor or KAC rail system.
Vietnam style support gunner role with M2 bipod
M14K, LaFrance custom (now SEI produced)

Not sure if I missed on anything else out there.

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