Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech
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Post  Cashman1501 Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:25 pm

Hey guys my name is Thomas and im a freshman at virginia tech as well as a corps member. Iv played airsoft for 6 years at my local field in Chesapeake called Ballahack. I was with that field through its developing time where only 30-40 people came out each week, they now average about 200 players and hold major event with AirsoftGI as well as many other organizations such as the Extreme Seal Experience. I also worked there as the head Gun Tech for a while until I moved to Charlottesville Virginia and got a job at AirsoftCQB which was 1 hr away from my house. Unfortunately the people in charge over there have terrible business management skills and long story short they never paid me for the 20+ guns I repaired for them so i quit. Im looking to get back into the sport after 1st semester mainly for the military training aspect. I have a custom GBBR KWA LM4 and a KWA Sig P226 sidearm. Not sure where I would keep my gear but hopefully one of you could help out with that. Thanks.


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