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Post  Tyler10391 Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:26 pm

Hi all, my name is Tyler Abt. I'm a second semester junior here at VT. Been playing paintball since i was 12 mostly competitively and airsofting more since i was 14. I'm from Manassas, VA and played weekly for years at AirsoftCQB along with working there briefly (lotta assholes work there. I'm not one of them at least I hope). I have a lot of indoor/urban experience and a good bit out outdoor/woodland experiences. Right now I tend to run with a VFC m18 mod0 shooting just under 400 and WA Kimber Desert Warrior. I have a couple CA m4s of different setups, a Tanaka M40, and a CA Soc-16 shooting 400. Dont have all of those with me currently. The last couple years I've been enjoying playing some college tournament paintball, but recently funding has dropped (because we suck now) and I've been getting the itch for some more milsim kinda play with less immature dicks.

I'm interested in playing with you guys and also going to the upcoming scenario game. If there's no room for me in the carpooling I can drive myself.


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Post  Prophet Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:52 pm

Hey Tyler welcome and we would love to have you play. I am an ex paintballer as well. (still have my angel and dye dm4 lol.) We have a game this weekend in Lynchburg and also a game the week after in NC (Fulda Gap at CDWC) the game in Lynchburg is a regional smaller game and the one in NC is a 1000+ person game. You can join in on either. For Fulda Gap the info is all in the fulda gap section. For the game this weekend look up our FB page ACVT. I sent you a FB friend request (Sean Mury). Accept and I will add you to the FB group. We wont have a local game until after Fulda.

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