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KWA M16: Piston, Hop-Up, and TBB

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KWA M16: Piston, Hop-Up, and TBB Empty KWA M16: Piston, Hop-Up, and TBB

Post  Killem Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:45 pm

I'm scrapping my last thread because I've determined a DMR build would be difficult with the KWA. I still want to fix it though and at least put in a good barrel and hop-up system to improve it's performance. It performs well but I'd like a little more accuracy and range if I can manage it.

What do you all recommend for the piston, barrel, and hop-up?

Here's what I've gotten as recommendations so far:

Piston: SHS ("Azimuth") blue piston or the Lonex Red. I'd prefer to be able to order it from ASGI or Amazon if I have to because I'm already making orders there soon but I'm open to suggestions.

TBB: Prometheus and Madbull 6.03 barrels. What brand do you recommend? I've also heard I need to stabilize the inner barrel on a KWA. Do you all think it's needed? (I found this article on how to)

Hop-Up: I was told to get an R-Hop and an M-Nub thoughnI have no idea what those are. I'm going to do some of my own research, I was just curious what your suggestions are.

Any help is welcome. Thank you all for all the help you've been giving me and gun repair and gun choices.

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