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ACVT now has a Buying Account with Amped Airsoft

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ACVT now has a Buying Account with Amped Airsoft Empty ACVT now has a Buying Account with Amped Airsoft

Post  Cleaver Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:49 pm

Good News Everyone!

What started as a simple problem diagnosis with Amped Airsoft has turned into a team buying account.

This agreement is NOT a sponsorship, and has NO OBLIGATIONS tied to it, it's just a thing that Amped sets up for large groups of organized players.

We start at 5% discount, and as we hit certain spending milestones overtime the discount increases.

Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about Amped. They are probably the nation's #1 resource for Polarstar knowledge and upgrades, and they have a decent selection of mid to high end exterior and interior upgrades. They are also located in Pittsburgh, PA, and every order I've placed as been shipped in a speedy manner. Plus, the owner, Kurtis Hardy, is one of the most helpful people I've seen in the airsoft community, regularly going out of his way to help people that may have never even shopped with him.

I would encourage everyone to place into their favorites, and if you plan to make an order please talk to either myself or the officers, as they have the proper login information you need. Everyone that plays under the banner of this club is eligible, it's just not something I can exactly put in a public place for obvious reasons.

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