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"Hot Cover" (Training Game)

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"Hot Cover" (Training Game) Empty "Hot Cover" (Training Game)

Post  Cleaver Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:47 pm

NAME: Hot Cover

GAMETYPE: Deathmatch

PRACTICAL SKILL: Bounding, movement, cover, suppression

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Develop skills in small squad movement and finding cover. This exercise will train the individual on bounding with a buddy, learning how to use different forms of cover, and getting comfortable with moving under fire.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Firing upon moving targets.


Game plays out like a typical deathmatch. Teams start on opposing ends of the field and work their way towards each other, with the primary goal being to eliminate the enemy team.

The catch with this gametype is that an individual can only stay behind solid cover for X seconds (to be determined). As airsoft is an honor based game it's the responsibility of the player to maintain these rules.

Revive and halo rules (invincibility after revive) can be determined based upon turnout to lengthen game time / training. Multiple hit rules can also be in effect.

Primary objective of this gametype is to get comfortable with moving and covering under fire. While eliminations will be common, the player will become familiar with rate of success of movement in different situations at varying distances. The ultimate goal is to familiarize players with the difficulty of hitting a moving target and allow them to be more comfortable in aggressing an enemy when the situation allows (i.e. teach players not to turtle).


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