Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech
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Post  Prophet Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:51 pm

A charter is like a mission statement for the club:

The Virginia Tech Airsoft Club is an established group that embdies the ideals of Honor, Brotherhood, Friendship and Fair Play.
We set out to further the advancement of the sport of Airsoft and to act as good examples to those in the airsoft community, the University, and the community as a whole.

As such we set out to:
1. Serve as a positive embodiment of Honor: We strive to set an example to others so that when we play with them we raise the level of their play as well.
2. Outreach: We strive to represent Airsoft in a postive light to the community in general and to always act in a manner that will put our group in a positive light.
3. We aim to help raise the level of airsoft technology and awareness of such amongst other groups and the community. We share what we know.
4. We aim to raise the level of safety of the sport and encourage others to play only in approved areas with approved equipment.
5. We aim to raise environmental awareness by using green products such as Bio bbs and to leave no trace wherever we go.
6. We agree with and follow the ruleset of

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Post  Papa Bear Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:39 pm

Might as well put we conform to the rules of VAO as well as we pretty much do (aside from the ncao fps limits)
Papa Bear
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