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Opscores Clones Empty Opscores Clones

Post  Papa Bear Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:14 pm

Okay so i have been getting a lot of questions about the Opscore clones and their quality. I have had the pleasure of owning both real and fake opscores so its easy for me to see the differences between them, but enough about that lets do a short and sweet comparison to two brands of the opscore clones the Dragonredairsoft and Emerson variants (greg feel free to post comments and pictures of your helmet here)

Dragon red Opscores:
They are better built mirroring the real opscore
The offer all versions from the bump style to the pj style all the way to the ballistic style
The patterned ones usually have a nice finish
Velcro stays on helmet well
They can be up to 120$ plus shipping

Emerson Opscores
Cheap somewhere around 75$ shipped(in most cases)
Pattern is good when printed on helmet
chinstrap is a little bit more irritating than the dragonred
velcro does not stay attached very well to helmet

Both helmets are very comfortable and plenty durable. While I have listed some faults of the emerson version they are small problems that can be addressed for very little money/ time/effort also take into consideration it is half the price of the dragonred and almost 1/5 the price of a real one. If you have the money a dragonred helmet is good to go from the start, however if you want to save some $ the emerson one is a great option if you willing to address the minute issues I have listed. I hope this short little comparison has been informative to some of you.

Dragon red helmet

Emerson helmet
Papa Bear
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