WTS CA G36, Umarex Shotgun, Gear, Clothing

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WTS CA G36, Umarex Shotgun, Gear, Clothing

Post  Breaker on Sat Aug 11, 2012 4:30 am

Buyer assumes all responsibility. Shipping available at buyers expense. Payment by cash or paypal. Prices somewhat negotiable, please don't lowball. Items described as is. PM for offers or details.

edit 1 - m4 highcaps sold, vest reduced.

Woodlands(2): $10 per set
Multcam boonie: $5
Broken-silhouette desert digital boonie: $10
OD Condor crossdraw vest and two m4 highcaps: $25 $20
OD dropleg triple mag pouch: $10
Woodlands dropleg triple mag pouch: $5
Umarex CO2 shotgun, sheath, and 5 CO2 canisters: $35
Classic Army G36k, choice of low or high cap, and original carry handle/scope: $85

Used, somewhat worn.
pants -
large regular: inseem 29.5 - 32, waist 35 - 39
large long: inseem 32.5 - 35.5, waist 35 - 39
top -
2 X medium: regular: 67 - 71, chest 37 - 41

Multicam boonie
Broken retention strap, should be an easy fix. Price reduced to match.
Size: 7 1/4"

Broken-silhouette desert digital boonie
New. flexible headband. one size fits most.

OD Condor crossdraw vest and two m4 highcaps
Triple mag pouch on right side, admin pouch above. cross draw holster on left, triple pistol mag pouch above. Molle back. very comfortable, durable construction. Fully adjustable. Comes with two belt mounted pistol pouches and two m4 highcaps.

OD dropleg triple mag pouch
Rugged construction, rubber leg bands insure no movement. mounts to belt.

Woodlands dropleg triple mag pouch
Missing 1 of 2 leg retention straps, price reduced to match.
Rugged construction, but some movement with only one leg strap. mounts to belt.

Umarex CO2 shotgun, sheath, and 5 CO2 canisters
An excellent CQB shotgun, and just all around fun. Two settings, safety and tri-shot. Short range, 30 bb capacity. Reload by drop-feeding bb's into the side. Only issue is the cannister seal, which I fix with a bit of teflon tape.
sheath comes with molle mounts as well as a sling. ambidexterous.
1 cannister lasts all day, priced at $13 for 2 at walmart.

Classic Army G36k
Internals replaced with standard fair; nozzle, gears, selector plate, soft bucking. Precisely shimmed, sorboed, angle of engagement set correctly. Shoots straight and true. Strong fiberglass body, it's been through everything. Superficial body damage consisting of two hairline cracks and a missing handguard nub.
Comes with choice of either TM lowcap (realistic look) or a highcap
Comes with G36C toprail as well as original g36K carry handle/export model scope (1.5X)

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